HannaMi Kim is a painter and illustrator who has taken the plunge into the world of art after successful careers in banking, publishing and owning a hip café.


Having lived for spells in Korea and Hong Kong and now happy to be in Singapore, her art reflects her endless optimism and abundance of energy. She inter-weaves lines, colors and objects with energy, some of it tinged with shades of tradition and culture, but always reflecting the artist’s character and perceived world view, shaped by her life journey and myriad experiences.


Currently, HannaMi Kim has three bodies of work.


In Mid-Air with No Landing evokes timeless moments where flakes of soft feathers appear on canvas with oil, or on paper with ink, transforming into solid forms. The whole process of In Mid-Air with No Landing is meditative and zen, where contrasting firm and soft forms are developed feather by feather, and negative space is provided as in Chinese Ink Painting.

With no horizons, the painted objects float in mid-air, and aloofness is created by the stark white backgrounds.

Garden of Shangrila, in this series of drawings and paintings, Artist HannaMi Kim has brought to life a fantasy world populated by an imaginative menagerie of plant and animal life. A garden of Shangrila, if you must, where peaches, apples, anthree-ums,  morning glories and sea creatures  occupy the same eco sphere, harmoniously co-existing, but always hinting at the primitive aspect of each object.


The artist’s feminism always comes through, and although occasionally hinting subtly of the erotic, the effect is both calming and puzzling. One does not wander through the Garden of Shangrila, without marvelling at its wonderous inhabitants, and pondering the many mysteries that such a rich landscape of otherworldly delights offers.

The Little Things is a series of works inspired by life in Singapore. HannaMi Kim unabashedly declares her love for her adopted homeland, and credits the lush and verdant landscape for inspiring this body of her art. Without the tropical plants and trees on roadsides and in the beautiful gardens, HannaMi Kim declares that she would not be an artist today.

In these works, she seems to have a microscopic insight into the inner most reaches of the plants she admires, and uses bright crisp ink to fill dynamic forms which contrasts against creamy earthy colors of the background. This creates strange yet intriguing forms that are paintings of life amidst serenity.



HannaMi Kim works from her third floor studio in a posh district in her beloved Singapore.